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Just like a live in nanny, an au pair lives with your family and provides in home childcare! The major difference is that she is a young adult that comes from another country. With an au pair, you'll receive full-time childcare at one low rate – up to 45 hours per week, regardless of the number of children in your family. Learn more about the advantages of au pairs over nannies below:


AuPairCare au pairs cost under $8 per hour (regardless of the size of your family!) and are typically more affordable than nannies or daycares.


While nannies may or may not have formal training, au pairs have documented childcare experience and additional training by AuPairCare when they first arrive in the United States.

Flexible Scheduling

Au pairs work 45 hours per week on a childcare schedule that you set with them, unlike nannies who potentially have personal commitments that conflict with your family's needs.


Regulated by the U.S. Department of State, our au pairs follow strict guidelines. Compare that to nannies which can have little to no regulation. We provide local 24/7 support for all of our families.

By submitting your contact information, you'll have access to our childcare guide and a program advisor who can answer any questions you have about the au pair program.
"She’s not just a childcare provider, she’s a member of our family. She’s my parenting partner."
Erb-Family, California